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Peter Ciemitis

Mr Ciemitis use images of the face to imply a narrative. His work revolves around portraiture, departing in various directions of form, figure and environment. His recent body of work; “Age of Anxiety” deals with the apprehension sensed and overcome by individuals as we all advance towards the challenges of a future era. The artist believes that in any creative medium there is an inseparable link between an artist’s subconscious and his work. When it comes to portraiture, every piece is a kind of self-portrait. Artists will always inscribe some element of themselves onto the canvas whether they do it deliberately or not.

For Ciemitis, portraiture is about physical form and his emotional responses to his subject. Often, he riddles his works with ectoplasmic markings that hover over the foundations of the subject’s skin. Many of these are not true-to-life renderings but signifying emotional tags shaped by both his interpretation of the sitter and his tendency to avoid creating a duplicate image of them on canvas. Peteris Ciemitis takes commissions from courageous and fearless clients.


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