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Myriam Quinn

Myriam is a predominantly an acrylic-based artist based in Perth, WA. She has been working as a professional artist since 2006 and is currently teaching and working in her own studio/gallery in Wembley. She is of Malaysian- Swiss heritage but was born in India and lived 10 different countries all through Asia, the Middle East and Europe by the time she was 22.

She began painting at the age of 7 with Chinese watercolour and then painted on porcelain/china in American Style. Her mother was a great influence as she, too, was an artist and five out of six children in the family became artists including a professional photographer, graphic designer, sculptor and a musician.

Myriam is largely self-taught but trained extensively under several artists in New Zealand and Australia, the last being a well-known portrait artist. Despite this, her passion lies with nature particularly flowers, birds and landscapes.

She paints in a variety of styles from naive to realism and is skilled in additional mediums including watercolour, pastel and oils. Her versatility and flexibility is what has solidified her commission work and teaching popularity. This year alone, she was commissioned to paint works to fit out four major business collections.

She has held annual exhibitions and been in multiple art awards and charity events. She created the first independent public retail studio/gallery/teaching venue which continues to grow in demand and allows the public to view artists and students at work thus educating them and developing their appreciation of the craft.

This year she has started a series of abstract works using her trademark wet-in- wet technique and is planning a solo exhibition towards the end of the year featuring these works as well as exhibiting in the annual WA Portrait Artists exhibition.

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