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Peter Barker

“Working predominately in oil paint across the disciplines of portrait’s, landscape and still life. My work has a narrative aspect while being humanist in character I try and imbue a timeless quality, an atmosphere not rooted in any specific place or time but rather the heart of the story. My practice involves painting and drawing portraits from life and on location landscape painting (Plein air). In 2013 I founded the Perth Art Academy were I teach and pass on traditional methods in weekly classes. Now growing, these classes encourage students to look at our shared history and foundations in Western Art traditions.

My work can be found in the Kerry Stokes collection as well as many private collections around the world. I have exhibited extensively and been a finalist in numerous prestigious awards such as the Perth Black Swan (2012, 2016), Mandorla (2014, 2016) and A.M.E. Bale travelling scholarship award. 

I have been given much advice over the years some good, some bad. One of the most honest was by the late Robert Juniper who I got to speak to as I was just starting out. I introduced myself and asked him for advice. He looked at me square in the eyes and asked, Do you like painting? I replied well yes, He then retorted,” Then paint!”

While I was unhappy at the time I have reflected on this many times and I think he was right, all the other stuff is unimportant. Just Paint!”

Informed with a strong classical foundation I continue to grow and develop my art practice and unique vision.


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